About Stacey

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Life is a story. How will you tell yours?

I grew up in the Canadian maritime provinces with a father who was a master storyteller. Pacing the room, arms flying, tone changing, it didn’t matter what story he told - he had everyone in the room captivated. I learned from an early age that building an authentic connection with your audience matters.

Through my 20-year career as a producer and storyteller, my most prized and celebrated stories were the ones featuring people sharing a powerful story that inspired audiences to shift their mindset and see things a little differently.

Storytelling is more than fancy equipment.

The one consistent thread I’ve found throughout my career as a producer is that everyone remembers a good story, and showing is better than telling.

I love working one-on-one on a personal level with my client, or with talented production crews if the project needs it. My passion however, lies in finding your story and bringing it to life.

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the bio

I create connections.

Stacey Jenkins is an award-winning producer / writer / photographer.  Her 20-year career in the media industry began in Canada, where she earned her Broadcast Journalism degree at the nationally-recognized Ryerson School of Journalism in Toronto.

In addition to working for the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, Stacey has worked as a producer for public television stations in Kansas, Oregon, and Seattle where her accomplishments and awards include a regional Emmy Award, Society of Professional Journalism awards, and national historical awards for her documentary work.

Her stories have been showcased nationally on SciTech Now and the PBS NewsHour’s Art Beat, and she travels the country presenting at conferences and seminars.

Stacey currently lives in Seattle with her husband and two children and loves capturing the beauty of the PNW through the lens of her camera.

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