Want to get video onto your site? I’ve got a workshop for that!

stacey jenkins with video camera

You see video everywhere…you know you SHOULD be creating and posting video onto your websites, social channels, newsletters, etc….but LIFE gets in the way: work, deadlines, family, budgets – does having video REALLY make that much of a difference? YES. The answer is YES. THIS is your opportunity to learn the nuts and bolts of…

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Can’t I just make my own social media videos? pt. 1

Whenever I meet with clients, it’s the elephant in the room . They hint at it, and some of the more courageous ones finally ask –  “So…should I always hire someone to make my social media videos or can I also, you know, make them myself?” The answer I give them may surprise you: Of…

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Women in Digital

I was recently interviewed as a feature member of Women in Digital, a networking group for women working in the digital industry. I think networking groups are a great way to meet other people, learn new skills, and discover areas of growth you might not have considered before. Here’s the interview below and my thoughts…

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Should I contract or freelance? Pros and Cons

social media video

You’ve decided to take the leap and leave your 9-5 job. Goodbye cube farm! Goodbye endless meetings and committees! Hello freedom and adventure! …then reality sets in. How will I pay my rent? How will I conjure up a monthly income? How will I NOT end up living on my aunt’s couch eating tuna out…

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My video editing process

I’ve been editing video for a long time.  I started in journalism school in college editing on linear tape-to-tape machines (tape? what’s that? – I hear you my millennial friends).  Here it is. Not a ton of room for creativity with these babies – you pick the beginning and end of the tape segment you…

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How to pitch a great video story

woman typing on a laptop

I am always on the hunt for a great story. I remember talking with an acquaintance a few weeks a ago who told me she had to get out of sales because she felt like she was always thinking about selling her product to everyone she met. I laughed and told her that’s EXACTLY what…

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Can I make a video myself or should I hire someone?

stacey jenkins producing video

You work for a company / yourself and they want a video for their website or social media sites. Nothing fancy – just the spokesperson talking about the virtues of your product/service and throw on some stock footage/photos with music. You’re pretty handy with your DSLR and you have imovie on your computer – you…

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Video for social media vs. video for your website

social media video produced by stacey jenkins

Why is it a good idea to tailor content for different platforms? You have a great idea for a video for your company! It’s funny, and heart-warming and deserves to be shared on your website and social platforms and even in the newsletter! Definitely. I agree that getting your story out there crucial to reaching…

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