Content Strategy


Is your content helping you accomplish your end goal?

It’s a simple question, but one that’s not asked enough.

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Increase leads, sales and awareness.

We create videos, write articles, take photos and populate and update our content sites daily. However, we often get it backwards. We expect our content to accomplish our goals, without truly defining what those goals are.

Are you looking to grow your Instagram following? Monetize your content through selling more products? Acquire emails for your weekly newsletter? Different goals will require a different approach to creating content.

Interested in learning more?

I meet with clients before content is created to define goals, identify pain points, conduct a content audit, review existing content platforms, and determine a strategy that will allow the highest rate of return on their content investment.

Follow-up reports will also provide detailed data analysis on how their content performed and personalized content recommendations.

Contact me for a free phone consultation to talk about your content project.

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Lori Patrick

Communications Manager, Seattle Channel

Stacey helped us identify ways we can bring efficiency to the content creation process and outlined simple steps we can take to better engage audiences and optimize our content across media platforms. With a background in storytelling, producing for TV and digital content production, Stacey understands our needs and challenges. She delivered a high-level set of recommendations we can execute on.