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stacey jenkins filming a seattle storm game

Films to innovate, educate and inspire.

As an award-winning content creator, I specialize in reporting/producing stories about:

  • Lifestyle content in the Pacific Northwest
  • Social sciences
  • Science/tech

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Rates for 1-5 min. videos begin at $650.

Reuben Bradley

News Producer at MediaWorks NZ

Stacey Jenkins was hired by BBN3 to shoot and edit short news items for broadcast television. Stacey is a very strong shooter, with a beautiful eye for composition. She gathers strong and interesting b-roll, and always frames interviews creatively, yet without distraction. She introduces a good flow and strong forward momentum in her projects. She quickly became one of our first choice videographers and editors across our North America-wide network - also performing for our corporate arm. I would thoroughly recommend Stacey to anyone looking for top quality videography and editing.