Why is it a good idea to tailor content for different platforms?

You have a great idea for a video for your company! It’s funny, and heart-warming and deserves to be shared on your website and social platforms and even in the newsletter! Definitely. I agree that getting your story out there crucial to reaching the masses. Just make sure it’s tweaked and tailored for your different audiences.

People visit different platforms with different intentions. People will come to your website because they’ve heard of you, they want to learn more, and they are on board with spending time going on a content journey – which translates into watching a 3-5 minute video (or longer! I don’t believe time should be constricted if the content is spell-bounding).

Those aren’t the same people watching your video on social media platforms. This audience wants to be entertained, they’re restless, want an abridged version of your video, and text prompts are key because they’re probably watching it on their mobile device without sound. Also, keep in mind that Instagram videos are limited to one minute. You don’t have to produce two or three different videos to tailor them for different audiences.

I shoot a “master” video that will live on your website, then edit additional versions that you can use for your different platforms (I will determine through data and analytics which platforms you should prioritize and focus on). This cuts down on production time and effort, not being stuck with only one video that only performs well with one audience, and allows you to see which platform performs best in terms of engagement and reaching your goal.

Remember, before you even start shooting – focus on what your goal is for the video: Selling products? Attracting new clients? Increasing your social media audience? Your goal determines your story, your platform, and making sure you are reaching the right audience. Likes and video views only matter if they are helping you reach your goal.